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Post  poisonvenomskull on Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:31 pm

Phillip woke up with a groan, another damn day. He got up and put on his boots, and went in to the kitchen to eat some Fruity Pebbles, contemplating how he would waste the day away. Perhaps he would spend it playing on AQWorlds, or maybe on his Nintendo Wii. Every day was torture for him, and they began to bleed together, as he would do the same things each day. He wasn't a happy person, he had disappointed his parents by not going to college, everything he had hoped for and aspired to do failed him, he was single and unemployed and lived off change he begged his mom for, and life couldn't get much more morose and mundane.

On that particular day, however, he had decided to go outside into town. Why that day? Why that time? Phillip had decided it on a whim, but later he would've told you it was fate.

He had driven to the mall of Baton Rouge, and walked around lifelessly, looking detached at everyone, from happy families, to young lovebirds, jealously consuming him. Eventually, though, he came across a person who stood out from all the rest; he didn't know why. He walked up to the man, and it had became apparent, he was an islander, most of the people he had seen at the mall that day weren't islanders. For one reason or another, Phillip had decided to go over and talk to the man, as he looked distraught.

"Hello," he said in a raspy voice, one he adopted long ago. The islander man looked up and smiled, his mood improving. The two talked for a couple minutes, until Phillip slipped something stupid.

"I'm sorry for what's happening in Hawaii." he had said. He had heard about strange happenings down at the islands on TV, he watched alot of TV, and he had wanted to help the man to feel better. It was a stupid thing to say. For all he knew, the man had lived in the continential US all his life, or he was from another island. Phillip didn't know why he had said something so stupid, it was just that on that particular day, he had been in more of a funk than usual, so much so that he couldn't think clearly. He groaned inwardly.

"Sorry, I shouldn't of said that," Phillip began.

"No, no, it's fine. Actually, we could use your help," he said back.

The man might as well have punched Phillip in the stomach and had told a hilarious joke at the same time, as the feeling of shock and humor Phillip received from that statement was inconcievable.

"Me? What in the name of bloody Hell could I do?" Phillip said in that morbid, British way he had of speaking, though he had lived in Louisiana all his life.

"You, you have more potential than you know. You may think you are a sorry sack of crap now, but I'll bet you could do great things." the man said back.

Phillip looked at the man as if he had just swallowed a live puppy whole.

He leaned in, "Just promise me this, Phillip Stehlik, meet me here in two days at 5:30 PM to continue this conversation, be sure to bring friends." and with that, the man left. It took Phillip a few minutes before he realized that he had never introduced himself.

Phillip drove back home after that encounter. On any other day if that man said that to him, Phillip would have flipped him off and went home, but he was a little more docile at the time. Any other person would have thought him crazy, but Phillip decided, Hell, what has he go to lose? Going home, he picked up his cell phone to call some friends to go with him, when he realized, he hadn't a friend to speak of. Matthew and Landon still wouldn't speak to him, Jordon was still pissed about the incident at his cousin's wedding, and Kade, well, Kade was Kade.

At that moment, Phillip went to the only place he could turn to; the internet. He realized it was stupid, but he was desperate, and without a choice. He got on Nightly's forum, and PMed everyone there about the thing, and to meet him in two days at the mall. He went on Youtube, and did the same thing. Every website where he had internet friends, he PMed them all.

On the day of the meeting, Phillip sat on the bench near where he met the man. It was 5:40, and he was beginning to think the man had played a joke on him, until he saw him walking up.

"Sorry I was late."
"No problem."
"Where are your friends?"

Phillip looked at his broken wristwatch.

"Should be here any bloody minute." he said, knowing full well the chances of anyone coming were about as likely as him winning the lottery, and with Phillip's luck, that was a slim chance.

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