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Post  Daylight on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:59 pm

Technologic Paradox

Year 8012: The Lim Corporation develops a program that causes robots to follow a set of pre-ordained actions to accomplish a goal. The program is simplistic, and lacks significance to the larger part of the world.

Year 8013: The program is upgraded, and the robots can now be controlled from afar, or allowed to adapt to various situations, using sensors or loops.

Year 8014: The Technologic Paradox is discovered, a phenomenon that allows the soul of a being to be shifted into a semi-material object which can be electronically transmitted into any object that operates using a TPX battery.

Month 6, Day 17, Year 8014: War breaks out against an alien race which can vary between several forms, and cannot be fought by humans as they are so dangerous.

Month 6, Day 30, Year 8014: A platoon funded by the Lim Corporation is dispatched to fight the aliens on even ground using the Technological Paradox.


Planetary Map

Planets for each faction:

Planetary Plateau

Current Planet: Moon

Main Base

The main base is a three-level pile of metal in essence, and it contains everything you could possibly need to flesh out your R&R posts. Below is an explanation of everything to be found here, with more to come.

F1- Command Post, where missions are assigned and TPX links are made.
Robot Storage, where you can work on your robot and add parts to it.

F2- VRT Room, where you can train for combat using a virtual reality program. You do not use your robot here, instead you will be given weapons and you will use them in a virtual reality, so as to be ready when you enter the robot.

F3- Café, a place for chilling with your other squadmates. The equivalent of a tavern on Lore.
Fighter Residences. Your home. Pretty much your basic apartment, with a bed, fridge, sofa, table, and bathroom, but you can customize to your own likings.

Current Players


Robots Available

-human shape and size
-one gun slot
-medium armor
-9’3” gargantuan size
-four arms
-heavy armor, weak joint armor, one shot shuts the joint down
-built-in rocket launcher
-the tank of the TPX arsenal
-2’0’’ tall
-two arms, two built-in zappers, two pistol slots
-fast and agile, capable of seeing bullets move
-made for sabotage

Note: As of yet, only one accessory allowed per robot.

Assault TX-1
-average, non-piercing damage
-standard issue gun

Zapper V-1
-melee weapon
-immobilizes target and allows for TPX transfer
-small damage

Blaster 0x-P
-2 shots per clip
-long reload
-high explosive damage

Magnox 1.2
-semi-automatic, up to 2shots/second
-small damage

M82A-1 Pulse Rifle
-semi-automatic, 1shot/second
-medium damage
-small explosion on contact

Cloaking Device 1.0
-hides robot from heat seeking devices, radar devices

-silences gunshots, rifles and pistols only

-allows short bursts of flight
-C-1 and C-2 only

-allows three teleports of up to 40 feet per ten minutes
-C-3 only

More TBA

Enemy Types

-wields an Assault TX-1
-low endurance

More TBA

Current Missions:

Mission 1:
Briefing: A basic attack on a small group of aliens, very straightforward.
Enemies: Troopers x30
Other: Tutorial mission, focused on introducing players to the RP

RP Setup

It’s done! After two weeks of work from Eltaka and me, Technologic Paradox is no longer a sci-fi ripoff of Avatar!

So here’s how things work. You are a human. Not an alien, elf, or anything else, just a human. You are in a base, on a spaceship, orbiting around the current planet. The current planet is the one that you are currently trying to take back from the alien forces. This is done by accomplishing missions, which are listed above. These missions are accomplishable when you use TPX technology to enter your robot, which is customizable from the parts above.

The idea is to have a battle-based RP, with some other elements mixed in. You need to be able to work with your team, and not get your robot killed. Not that it will kill you, but you’ll be starting from scratch with your robot, and you really don’t want to have to fight in the harder missions with the basic parts you had in your n00b days, right?

Bio Format

For your human, use whatever. But for the robot, I want this.

Robot Name:
Robot Body:
Robot Weapon:
Inventory (spare parts, acquired through missions):
Other (accessories, decal, etc.):

Thank you for reading, and have fun RPing!

Map- Daylight
Concept- Daylight
Robots and Enemies- Daylight
Backstory- Eltaka

Development Log

11/03/10- Pistol added, extra perks to C-3 robot.
12/03/10- More guns and robots, as well as accessories. Began explanation of main base.

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*Noms* Bio coming later. Just Sayin'



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